Braz Langley's gravestone and pavilion is located at Ellis Prairie Cemetery in Ellis Prairie, Texas County, Missouri. Braz Langley stipulated in his will how he wanted his grave and provided funds for the upkeep
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Genealogy on the Road Part 2

  Arriving in Houston, Missouri late Thursday afternoon we first stopped at the local Visitor’s Center staffed by the Houston Chamber of Commerce. Despite not having much historical information they did give us helpful information about the area. We picked up a map and a …

He died on Mr. Lenhart's porch.
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He died on Mr. Lenhart’s porch. The mysterious death of Andrew Hutchison in 1875.

While researching the death of Eli Langley, who died while a prisoner of war at Andersonville Prison in 1864, I came across his widow’s (Rachel McCoy Langley) pension application files. One hundred and four pages of pension records-a genealogist’s jackpot! But this post isn’t about …