AC Reynolds
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Arthur Campbell Reynolds

3rd Sergeant Co. D 9th Texas Infantry-Maxey’s Bridgade 

AC Reynolds

Arthur Campbell Reynolds, great-great grandfather of my husband, was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee in the fall of 1832 to Henry Reynolds and Mary Brown Reynolds.  
When Arthur was 29, he joined the confederate army at Daingerfield, Texas and was assigned to Co. D 9th Texas Infantry. 


Arthur C Campbell Muster In Roll Document. Company D 9th Texas Infantry - Confederacy

Arthur’s experiences as a soldier were included in a compilation of sketches of confederate veterans residing in Texas in 1912, “Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray”  

My first Captain was Beason and first Colonel was Maxey. After the battle of Murfreesboro was transferred to Ector’s Bridgade, French’s Division, and moved back and forth from Mississippi to Tennessee. Was wounded at Chickamauga, in the shoulder on the second day. Was wounded in the hip at Marietta, GA and in the hand at Nashville, Tennessee. 

Was promoted on the field for bravery at Murfreesboro on Dec.31 to Second Sergeant, and held this position till the close of the war. Was in the battles of Perryville,  KY; Murfreesboro, Lost Mountain, Jonesboro, Kennesaw Mountain, Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee and a hard fight at Alltoona, GA. The war cheated me out of four years of my life.” 

A diary of Arthur’s was found in a trunk, which he wrote in 1916, telling a little more about his military service. 

A.C. Reynolds, Nocona, Texas, September 9, 1916, From an old southern soldier. I will tell my travels, here is my trails during four years of the war. I went from Daingerfield, Titus County, Texas in Captain Beason’s Company close to Bonham where the Regiment was organized under General Maxey as Colonel of the 9th Texas Infantry Regiment. I was in Company D. From there foot to little Rock, Arkansas, from there to DeValls Bluff, took a boat to Memphis; from there to Iuka, Mississippi, then to Corinth; after Battle of Shiloh, back to Tupelo, from there to Mobile, Alabama, from there took a boat up the Alabama River to Montgomery, from there to Atlanta, Georgia, from there to Chattanooga, sent west of the Lookout Mountain and there stood guard on Tennessee River till army was organized. They put us in Smith’s Brigade and Cheatham’s Division, then through Tennessee to Kentucky, after surrender of Munfordville on to Perryville and after the Battle of Perryville to Knoxville, Tennessee, then back to Chattanooga, then to McMinnville, Tennessee, then to Murfreesboro, then to Shelbyville, from there to Jackson, Mississippi and here laid around. (Unfinished)

AC Reynolds Muster Roll at Iuka, MS March 1862 - left in hospital due to sickness.One small occurence Arthur doesn’t mention was he was left behind in Iuka, Mississippi for a brief time due to being sick. It’s unknown what he suffered from, but measles and pneumonia were prevalent among the soldiers of the 9th since leaving Texas. (History of the 9th Texas Infantry by Tim Bell,,accessed 3 Mar 2024)

The men of the 9th went on from Iuka, to Corinth and prepared for battle. On March 16, 1862, the troops initially camped east of Corinth, the soldiers enjoyed level land with good drainage and good water, but for unknown reasons the camp was moved west of town and located in basically a swampy area with poor water. Already weakened from the measles and/or pneumonia, and adding to the poor conditions, the loss of soldiers amounted to 2 a day since the first of the month. 

Arthur is present at muster roll in April 1862, returned to good health just in time for the Battle of Shiloh.

The two-day battle fought April 6-7 was the bloodiest battle up to that point in the war, resulting in 23,000 casualties. 

Arthur survived the Battle of Shiloh and retreated back to Corinth with the rest of the confederate army.  

Battle of Shiloh April 6, 1862

The Confederate Congress had inacted a conscription law and it led to the reorganization of the 9th. The men were allowed to elect their own officers. The 9th camped at Camp Texas near Tupelo Mississippi until July 1862 and it was reported that the health and morale had greatly improved among the troops. 

The regiment went on to fight at Perryville, Kentucky, then to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where he was promoted on the field to 3rd Sergeant on 21 Feb. 1863.

Arthur fought at Lost Mountain, Jonesboro, and Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia.

In the middle of September 1863, the Texas 9th was placed in Ector’s Brigade and began the attack of a battery of artillery at Chickamauga. The brigade was able to push the union forces back to Chattanooga after two days of fighting. The battle at Chickamauga was the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War with 34,000 casualties, behind Gettysburg with 51,000 casualties

Arthur was one of only 145 men from the Texas 9th that fought at Chickamauga. Six men from the regiment were killed, 36 wounded (including Arthur with a wound to the shoulder) and 18 captured or reported missing. 

The regiment was then sent to  Mississippi to rest, recoup and prepare for the Atlanta Campaign. 



Arthur Campbell Reynolds promoted to 3rd Sergeant 1863

Brave, tenacious or lucky, Arthur survived the war and returned home to Texas. Once home, he didn’t waste time and married Mary Melissia Loving on 24 August 1865 in Titus County, Texas. 

Arthur and Melissia lived out their lives in Nocona, Texas.

The couple were married for 48 years and had fifteen children. They are buried at the Nocona Cemetery in Nocona, Texas. 

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Arthur Campbell Reynolds and wife Mary Mellisa Loving