Travel the back roads and coddiwomple-to travel in a purposeful manner with a vague destination.


Some of the best memories can be made simply by getting off the highway and going down the back roads. Begin without an agenda or specific destination and get going. Simply put:


Have you ever heard the term? It is slang and means “To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.”  A perfect word for back road excursions.

Focus on the journey not the destination.

The most important thing while coddiwompling is to be mindful of your surroundings and use all of your senses to get the full experience. By being purposefully mindful, you will build a better, longer lasting memory of the time and place.

Make an effort to take the time to slow down and truly see, smell, touch, hear and even taste.  When you do, you can see the old abandoned house with the vines growing out the chimney and imagine the lives lived there. You will be able to smell the wild herbs growing in the ditch when the wind picks up their scent. By being quiet you will hear the wind through the trees and the different sounds of wildlife. Take time to feel the rough gravestone with lichen growing on it and really look at the message on the stone and ponder the life represented there.  Lastly, get the full experience of all the senses by ordering the blue plate special at the local mom and pop diner and talking with the locals.

Stop and be still, experience it all.
It’s good for body and soul.

The back roads are waiting.
Get out there.

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