Ohlsdorf Cemetery Hamburg, Germany

Ohlsdorf Cemetery – Hamburg

The World's Largest Park Cemetery

One of the many beautiful angel sculptures in Ohlsdorf Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery is not your average cemetery. Located in Hamburg Germany, Ohlsdorf  covers 389 hectares (961.24 acres). Since its beginning in 1877, 1.4 million burials have been conducted, and over 256,000 graves.

But it isn’t just a cemetery. Remarkable monuments and statues are around every corner. The gardens are lavish and constantly changing. Evergreens allow the park’s beauty to shine through all the seasons. 

Ponds and streams are home to local waterfowl, and numerous woodland creatures inhabit the forest throughout the cemetery.

I have visited Ohlsdorf numerous times while visiting family in Hamburg and have yet to see it all. I’m directionally challenged and without the Ohlsdorf app on my phone, I might still be there! 

Another app that really saves me is Google translate. I’m able to use my phone and translate what the headstones say, which is invaluable. 

If you are ever in Hamburg and you are a taphophile it is an absolute must-see!

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