Adella Lynn Langley Born Feb 8 1869 Died Oct 1923

It’s About Time

A quick update about my great-grandfather Schuyler Langley and his wife Adella “Della“. They are buried in Sawyer Cemetery in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, and we were recently able to fix his grave monument thanks to our family’s donations. Not only that, we also got a marker for his wife, Adella Lynn Langley, who unfortunately didn’t have a marker before. It was a bit tricky to find their graves because they were so old, but we managed to get help from a company that uses witching rods. And guess what? It worked! We were thrilled to place Adella’s marker on her grave, finally giving her a proper memorial after all these years. We don’t know exactly when or how Adella passed, but knowing that she now has a marker after almost a century is really special. It’s a small gesture, but we hope you like it, Della.

We had the marker reset onto the base August 30, 2023.
Schuyler Colfax Langley B. 1868 D. 1909 Burial at Sawyer Cemetery, Choctaw County, Oklahoma
S.C. Langley Gravesite Circa 1910 Sawyer Cemetery, Choctaw County, Oklahoma
Summer 2023 We discovered the marker was off the base.
Detailed view of marker.
Marker after being reset. August 30, 2023.
Schuyler Langley, Della, Cecil, Gilbert, Sarah and William. 1899
Circa 1898, Lamar County, Texas. Schuyler Langley and Adella Lynn Langley back row. Boy on the left is Cecil Langley, Sarah Ann Langley Whitlock, Gilbert Langley on the right, the smallest boy is my grandfather William Scyler Langley.
Adella Lynn Langley Born Feb 8 1869 Died Oct 1923
Lynn Sisters
Adella is the taller lady in the middle. Posing with her half-sister Ida (l) and her sister Ladoska (r)